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Therapeutic Massages

Therapeutic Massage can have many benefits that can help improve your health and well being. It can reduce stress and anxiety, relieve soft tissue injury or damage, alleviate back pain, improve range of motion, reduce scar tissue, increase circulation, lessen adhesion and swelling, to say the least. Therapeutic massage comes in many forms. Here at Massage Lofts we offer the following therapies:

  • Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT): NMT is a deep tissue massage that utilizes various techniques to treat muscular dysfunction and restore range of motion while reducing pain. Techniques include trigger point, manual or tool-based myofascial release, and stretching or range of motion exercises to return musculature to a more optimal state.

  • Manual Myofascial Release (MFR): MFR is a deep tissue technique that focuses on unbinding adhesions and knots in the muscle tissue by sheering and stretching the fascial layer. The pressure ranges from light to medium and techniques may include prolonged stretching or joint pulling. This allows the body to readjust itself naturally and can improve blood and lymph flow to affected areas while improving range of motion. 

  • Lymphatic Drainage: this gentle technique is designed to flow with the body's lymphatic system and redistribute lymphatic tissue (swelling or edema) to ease discomfort at the affected areas. 


                                                   30 Minute Massage, $47.50                                              

Suffering from a body ache problem? This quick massage is perfect for providing deep focused work to break down tight muscle tissue, bring blood flow to the affected area, and help release compressed nerves. Great for someone short on time or on a budget.

     60 Minute Massage, $95

A full body massage, ideal for those that need focus on a specific problem. Or you may choose to dedicate the full hour massage to a larger specific problem you have such as whiplash, sciatica, or chronic tension headaches, if advisable. 

     90 Minute Massage, $142.50

If you want a therapist to really focus on your problem areas and still have time to provide the deep relaxation that your stressed body needs, then the 90 minute massage is essential. 

      120 Minute Massage, $190.00

This ultimate 2 hour massage gives you the extra time for the therapist to focus on all your muscular needs and will also help bring forth the relaxation your body needs to help reduce stress. Nothing gets left out with the 120-minute deep tissue massage.

In Room Essential Oil Diffuser, $20

Choose from Lavendar, Peppermint, Eucalyptus essential oil to set the mood!

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